Data is becoming an important part of human life. It is shaping our future everyday. The production, distribution and consumption of digital data-the data econo- my-are driving rapid advances in machine learning, artificial intelligence and automation. [1] This contributes to the effectiveness of public policy, the provision of public services, transparency and accountability. The data helps us track progress of the sustainable development goals and provide broad social security.

Each aspects of our life is contains of data. Data is an important element without which the system will not work productively. It is the lifeblood of the economy and a…

The development of digital technologies is rapidly advancing. Cross-border borders are expanding very rapidly, and digital ones are even faster. With the rapid development of artificial intelligence, there is growing concern about its use and the creation of fake news. It is no secret that disinformation, spreading false news — the challenge of today. But what can be done when one day the border is crossed? Should one of the video appeals of world leaders generated by artificial intelligence be publicly called for war?


Most people are already accustomed to many forms of image manipulation: a smartphone app today in…

Voice and text recognition АI systems have become increasingly criticized — a recent study by researchers at the University of Massachusetts found that voice, chatbots and other artificial intelligence-based technologies are often unable to distinguish the speech characteristics of national minorities. [1] At first glance, the problem does not deserve attention, but due to the widespread introduction of such systems, ignoring it exacerbates discrimination against certain groups.


The authors of the study “AI programs are trained to ignore African American speech” were made by the University of Massachusetts professor Brendan O’Connor and one of his graduate students Su Lin-Blodgett. In…

In the next decade, AI will become a major market trend and the best business tool, according to analysts at the international consulting agency PwC.

Thus, according to the latest report, the contribution of intelligent technologies to global world GDP is estimated at 15.7 trillion. dollars And, according to experts, thanks to artificial intelligence, this figure will grow by another 14% by 2030. More than half of the increase will go to consumption growth. [1]


Possibilities of artificial intelligence:

1. Increasing business productivity through universal automation of basic business processes (including the use of robots and autonomous transport systems).


Artificial intelligence has been gaining more and more attention nowadays, and according to Bill Gates, of all modern innovations, it has the greatest potential to change our lives: to make it “more productive, efficient, and generally easier.” [1]


Scientists warn that very soon people will radically change their perception of the possibilities of technology,meanwhile, based on the main trends of today, have collected ten common predictions about technologies, AI and machine learning.

When you hear any news about AI, it might be easy to assume it has nothing common with you. You might imagine that artificial intelligence is only something…

Today, many technologies are created on the basis of artificial intelligence. Medicine has not stayed away from these trends. Possibilities of application for diagnostics and treatment are various enough, and sometimes really curious.


Mistakes are assumed by all. But in some areas, wrong decisions are extremely dangerous. For example, a misdiagnosis in medicine can be fatal. And here machines come to the aid of people: in the future, due to the widespread use of artificial intelligence, the number of misdiagnosis and errors in health care in general should be significantly reduced.

Many experienced physicians are now rather skeptical about the…

Cyberattack is a concept that has become commonplace in modern society. Sociologists around the world are unanimous in arguing that modern society has become more conflicted than ever. The number of conflicts in the political, social, labor, religious, and personal spheres is constantly increasing. In turn, the development of science and new technologies is not always beneficial, but on the contrary — their use becomes a successful tool for ingenious virtual criminals. Therefore, in modern society, crimes in cyberspace have become quite common.


The issue of cybersecurity is central to the development of advanced technology software products, as automated process…

Each day world and humanity experience an area of digital transformation. This can be compared to the metamorphosis of a butterfly. We need to adapt quickly, combining traditional and digital methods.


Each of us is constantly connected to the Internet, and the impact of digital technology on our interaction with the outside world is becoming increasingly significant. Our lives depend on computers, which control workflows, control and make decisions in many areas of our business. We can instantly find answers to the questions we are interested in, we can communicate with anyone at will, at any time and from anywhere…

Today phrase data privacy is commonly used in our daily life. At the World Economic Forum 7 years ago one of the speakers asked the audience what people would care about in 5 years. Now we simply understand that human health is the most valuable and important thing through the pandemic. But also a high level of technology development provides widespread interest in identity and data.


Each day we give our personal information to hundreds of people or platforms: social media, banks, restaurants, markets, and even our personal computers — get and save more information than ever. …

Andriy Kusyy

Data Science Consultant

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